Jameson Music Rooms: 202J

The concept is simple: cool Russian musicians playing new songs live in bizarre places and circumstances.

We made two short concert films — one about night at the hotel and the second about the New Year’s party (that's my favorite). It was my first big shooting, I have doubts and struggles. Endless love to my fantastic crew for their patience, trust and hard work. I learned a lot from this project.


Director: Pavel Kling
DOP: Philipp Zadorojny
Creative Producers: Kirill Dyshlovoy, Katya Volkova, Alexey Georgiadi
Production Designer: Nastya Bezrukova
Rec. and Mixing: Rostislav Kundik
Gaffer: Vyacheslav Meister
Stylist: Sasha Nguen
Makeup: Ekaterina Stolbova
Edit: Alec Mirzametov, Pavel Kling
Color: Nikolay Vavilov
Sound Design: Stanislav Paushev-Neznakomov