Delivery Destination (2020)

Адрес доставки / Delivery Destination — a video project about contemporary russian musicians self-isolating in their Moscow apartments.

I've sent a shooting set to every participant of the project. A courier deliveres the cameras, flash drives, chargers and a shooting guide to each of them.

The artists would have to follow the task now. And tell a story of their forced isolation through an improvised performance, while their musical instruments meet the casual house-ware and daily routines come into the spotlight.

Адрес доставки / Delivery Destination is a patchwork of very different short musical plays. An almanac that voices an atmosphere of this very special spring: all the live gigs are cancelled until further notice. So the artists are turning their apartments into the stages, using casual gear and habits as the objects of creative exploration.

Cast: Kate NV, Inturist, Maria Teriaeva, Kirill Gorodnii (Pasosh), Dima Midborn, Zurkas Tepla, Alec Yuzhny (Bicycles For Afghanistan) & Andrew Kling (KOLOKOL Philip Gorbachev, aborigen).

You can watch whole video here. Enjoy.


Director: Pavel Kling