Бэд Тайминг (Bad Timing)

the hardest thing to plan is an escape from yourself

A girl is planning to leave the country for good. Where she is going and why is unknown. Someone's voice invites us to witness the last hours she will spend in her apartment. Everything changes when she decides to dry her hair for the last time. What she sees in the mirror’s reflection and feels in that moment will change her.

Moscow, 2023


Production: Working Title Bureau
Director: Pavel Kling
a girl: 4TUNA
the voice: Alexander Turkunov
1AD: Alina Metelitsa
DOP: Philipp Zadorojny
Executive producer: Igor Sayfullin
Producer: Ekaterina Panasenko
Production designer: Alexandra Tretiakova
Gaffer: Nikita Lychev
Sound: Vasiliy Pirozhkov
Music: Aborigen
Sound designer: Alexander Turkunov
Titles: Nikita Lanndau
Color: Nick Vavilov
Makeup: Vika Vakulyuk
CG: Daniel Tarasov, Madam Mordvinova