acid racer LIVE

One year ago, we filmed a video where acid racer and his band played three killer tracks live. Unfortunately, this video stayed on the shelf for so long. For me, it was one of the coolest days of last summer — a true punk-broke adventure.

We filmed at the House of Postgraduate and Interns of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Pushchino. We set up on the very top floor, in a tower with three huge windows. That's why this room had fantastic lighting. Right in the middle of construction dust, we set up drums, amps, and cameras.

A shaggy guy named Lev (looks like a hippie from the 60's) with a push-button phone helped us with this bizarre spot. There were no toilets upstairs, and Lev told us that we could use the forest for our needs. But we decided to bring our own WC there (ok, not so punk). Playback was set up on a dirty staircase and you could smell a cat piss in the air. But for some reason, moments like these make you the happiest person on earth.

Everything was shot on tripods. I wanted nobody to touch the cameras at all, and for the musicians to burst out of the frame. The right way to capture this raw energy. Back then (and now), I was obsessed with oversaturated colors and wanted everything to be acid.


Director, editor: Pavel Kling
DP: Philip Zadorojny
Producer: Jenya Kuptsova
Cameraman: Sergey Karelin
Costume: Irina Timofeeva
Makeup: Sofia Khokhlova
Sound rec: Pavel Pankovskiy
Color: Denis Pedko
Sound mix, sound design: Flextast, Acid Racer