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Kate NV — Plans

One of my favourite music videos. At that time me and Kate were deeply inspired by music videos from 80's, where people always dancing and having endless fun. I like how «Plans» look — minimalistic bizzare visual. Also we have strong influence from soviet and post-soviet TV-shows such as Music Ring, Maski-show, etc.

«The song is about plans and the absurdity of the events surrounding us. It is about how everything constantly collapses and changes, that nothing is really clear and that it is impossible to plan everything. It was written before the pandemic and economic crisis, and turned out to be as relevant as ever now. It may sound like the meaning is harsh, but the song itself is very funny and sarcastic and it is more about still having fun while there is a complete disaster around us» — from Kate's interview for Pitchfork.


Directors: Pavel Kling, Kate Shilonosova
DOP: Pavel Kling
Gaffer: Roman Rubtsov
Set-design: Natasha Murzina, Olich Alekha
Makeup and hair: Sofya Atalikova
Costume: Kate Shilonosova, Marina Samurova
Edit: Pavel Kling, Kate Shilonosova
Photographer: Talib Shillaev