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Adidas Terrex: Outdoor & Outfit

Varya and Danya go on a hike. We filmed in the large and beautiful Taganay — a national park three hours from Chelyabinsk.

There were many outdoor stuff: we ate buckwheat with cucumbers and gingerbread, walked a lot like Werner Herzog, drove quad bikes. We also descended into the gorge and fought against midges. Our gastro-adventure in the Urals continues in the restaurant «Happy Kuzyuk»: rabbit kidneys, calla and the famous bird-cherry cake.


Creative and production: Working Title
Director: Pavel Kling
DOP: Leonid Kim
Talents: Varvara Shmykova, Dany Radlov
Producer: Vasilisa Syrnik, Igor Sayfullin
Edit: Alec Mirzametov
Color: Dima Litvinov
Music and Sound Design: Jenya Gorbunov
Voice: Dima Pantyushin
Titles: Yuriy Stepantsev
Photographer: Arseniy Gorshenin