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aborigen LIVE

A barefoot aborigin get out of a hole in the wall, cave blues sounds, everything crawls in different directions. This is roughly how you can describe the new live of the Zapovednik (Reserve) — a documentary online series about new Russian music. The author of the Zapovednik is my close friend Philip. I think that no one in Russia feels better live music than him. Philip invited me to film this episode together, and away we go.

Filmed with two cameras. One is objective and cold, the second (me) is chaotic and claustrophobic. I think Aboriginal is a wildly visual artist, so this allowed us to capture his cool silhouette and nuances, like adjusting the pedals with toes. The frames, unnoticed by the eye, fight for primacy on the screen, viscously layering on top of each other.

Thanks to the whole team who jumped in with enthusiasm and made it so cool.

Huge thanks to Okno Store, Danya Prasdov and Ivan Radzievskiy.


Director, editor: Pavel Kling
DP: Philip Zadorojny
Sound recording: Danya Mu
Sound mix and sound design: Alexander Turkunov
Costume: Kristina Fedunova